Undergraduate Degree

Bachelor of Business Administration
in International Business

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Bachelor of Business Administration
in International Business

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As few as 48 months

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Bachelor of Business Administration aims to enhance graduates with skills and knowledge in business administration along in a globalizing world. The program equips students with knowledge in business administration and other related areas. The students can integrate their knowledge in analyzing, planning, decision making, and performing their work effectively. The program also helps students to gain experience in business administration both direct and indirect ways. As a result, students can apply their knowledge to work in a dynamic business environment.

Tuition & Costs

The following is the tuition and costs breakdown for students pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management. Our tuition is affordable and can be paid by the course.

Tuition Costs


General Education Core Curriculum (24 Hours)

Business Core Courses (48 Hours)

Major Courses (33 Hours)

Required Courses (15 Hours)

15 Credit Hours

Total Requirements: 120 Hours


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