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How do you Rover?

Step 1.

Choose your degree program.

Step 2.

Choose your school type.  

Online or Flex (abroad)

Step 3.

Study, Travel, Discover.


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Where can you Rover?

Distance Learning

Paris College of International Education (PCIE)

With the convenience of online learning that PCIE gives our students, you can rover anywhere around the world while working on your degree!

Where to LIVE

One of the best parts of being a Rover in Thailand is living off-campus at one of the many great condominium complexes. Many of these condos are equipped with amenities such as fitness areas, swimming pools, laundry centers, business centers, and some even have a Starbucks attached to them. You also have campus dormitories as an option as well.

Where to EAT

The canteens at our host campuses provides our students with independent food vendors that cook fresh Thai food every day. Food at the canteen is usually about $2 to $3 per plate which comes with rice, meat, and one side. Noodle soups are also available and are very popular. 
Anything other than Thai food? Of course!
You can visit the 7-11 convenience stores or American chain restaurants that you can find at the nearby malls.

Where to PLAY

You can’t spend all your time studying or in the classroom, so there are many ways to stay in shape, unwind and have a little fun — whether it’s taking a Zumba class at a fitness center, joining a sports club at the host campus, or spend some time at the park.  And of course Bangkok’s world famous nightlife is only a short tuktuk ride away.

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More information on this study abroad program will be available soon!


More information on this study abroad program will be available soon!

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